Bringing out the best
in your texts

We bring out nuances and get beyond the words. The end result is a smooth, elegant text.

A good proofread adds the finishing touches to a text. It doesn’t alter it, it optimises it. We’re good at that because we spot things that aren’t obvious. We scrutinise the orthography, grammar and style. We make your texts shine. So that they express even more clearly whatever you want to say.

Tisane citron

Need an extra pair of eyes to add the finishing touches to your texts? delicatext will analyse them, check them against your style guides and give you substantiated feedback. Whether marketing texts, technical texts, internal or external communications, we will draw on our many years of experience and call on the best linguists to give your texts the perfect treatment. Get in touch with us so that we can discuss your requirements.

We can take a fresh look at your...

Laptop, tablet and smartphone


Your website is your business’s calling card. One of the first points of contact for your target audience. Get that first impression right with linguistically and stylistically flawless texts.



Your articles draw the readership into your theme world. We iron out minor niggles and make sure your audience becomes so immersed that they forget they are reading.

Social Media

Social media

In pace with the times, fast-moving and impassioned. Social media conduct a dialogue with your target audience. We give the language a final polish.

Laptop computer

Blog posts

Let us proofread your blog posts so that they don’t merely come up in internet searches and get registered as relevant, but are also stylistically delightful to read.

Books with delicatext logo

Corporate storytelling

Your story makes you real and accessible. It helps your target audience identify with you. We’ll fine-tune the texts that tell your story and evoke your vision.

Tablet and pen


Surveys are how you capture sentiment and generate a basis for future developments. Use our proofreading service to make sure your questions are crystal clear.

Desktop computer

Internal communications

HR documentation is the basis for your relationship with your workforce. Place that relationship on a sound footing with texts that are linguistically unambiguous and easy to understand.

Mug with delicatext branding

Product descriptions

You want a brand that shines and product descriptions that are clear and precise. We can help you be sure those important texts will cut through.

We give language a final polish in...

Tresse nature


Croissant au beurre




Muffin à la banane


And that’s not all. We also have the following in our translation portfolio: Romansh, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian and all Eastern European languages, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Mandarin, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and many more. Ask for further details!

Verre d'eau ou de grappa

Making sure your texts cut through

Texts are a substitute for the spoken word. An effective text goes some way towards capturing what the written word cannot convey: facial expression, body language, tone. A good text does that. An average one does not. So where is the difference? It’s when a text comes alive.

A good text “speaks” to its audience. There are no clunky expressions or ambiguous words to detain the reader. Instead, your eyes glide over the lines, your mind digests the meaning and your heart beats in its rhythm.

Outstanding texts achieve the desired effect and delight the reader. The author of a text needs to be eagle-eyed to spot the trip hazards in their own work. The alternative is to engage proofreaders, with a fresh pair of eyes to spot and iron out those minuscule bumps and quirks. Proofreaders like ours.

An honest partnership: take our word for it

Precision is our profession

To be sure we fully understand your message and audience, we ask pertinent questions. So that we go beyond simply optimising your texts and genuinely make the most of them.

Look over our shoulder

We don’t just deliver a perfect finished product. We are transparent about our work and can explain all of our decisions.


How you benefit


So you always know where we are on the road we are travelling together.


So you can see straight away that we’re giving no less than one hundred percent.


So you can be sure only experts are involved.

Direct contact

So you have one point of contact where everything comes together.


So you can disclose however much you need to get the job done.


So that nobody is kept waiting – least of all your target group.

A good proofread makes your texts shine

Sounds great… but how do you make a text really glow from within? It takes a combination of craft, experience, intuition and talent.

Form is the benchmark of this craft: we make sure your texts are flawless and grammatically sound. We draw on our experience to make sure all expressions are right for the readership, and that the words say and mean exactly what you want them to.

An instinct for text composition and a talent for writing give your texts that vital finishing touch that lets them flow. Their meaning becomes more than the sum of the individual words and sentences.

It’s like a perfectly tuned orchestra. You hear the violins, cellos, woodwind, brass and percussion as a harmonious unit. If just one instrument plays a wrong note, the whole performance suffers. Our proofreaders are like conductors. They make your text glow from inside, like music to the ears of your target audience.

Muffin à la banane

Telling our story together?

First encounter

We look forward to getting to know your universe and telling you about ours – face to face or by phone. An initial meeting will then provide the perfect opportunity to talk about your current projects and show you what delicatext can bring to the table. Whether you just need the finishing touches that will make a huge difference or are planning to build a whole new project around a simple idea, we’re there to assist you.

Sample job

You can’t create trust on demand. We’d like to start by demonstrating the quality of our work with a free sample job. Might you be planning to write or translate a short article for your website, a press release or posts for your social networks?

The start of collaboration

Our team will be available to receive all your enquiries in person, discuss the specifics of your project in detail or, for more complex projects, arrange a kick-off meeting. We’ll always be there at your side, letting you focus on your core business.

Our values

Authenticity, simplicity

Our true selves are people who speak openly and communicate with honest empathy

Respect, cordiality

With our heart in the right place and genuine warmth towards our counterpart


To extraordinary ideas, exciting concepts and unprecedented solutions


Always ready for something new – even if it means leaping in at the deep end


Of talented people who are passionate about their work, and of tasks that require passion


Because you only see the goal clearly when the clouds part

Filtre pour over vu de dessus

What our
customers say

The shortest way to good content

Which formats can we handle? Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, website or other formats: get in touch, and we’ll advise on how to handle your project with maximum efficiency!

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